Flag Disposal


The Great Lakes Bay Veterans Coalition (Coalition) in partnership with Dow and International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) collects used flags from local veterans and business organizations for safe and proper disposal.

Flags are made from a wide variety of materials including cotton, nylon, and other synthetics. When burned, nylon and synthetic materials can create fumes that should not be inhaled. This has resulted in some municipalities banning the burning of flags inside city limits.

The Coalition collects the nylon and synthetic flags for disposal and leaves some of the cotton flag for the veteran’s organization to conduct a flag disposal ceremony on June 14th.

The Coalition’s partnership with Dow allows for flags to be burned in a safe and proper manner without impact to the environment or the community.

This program, which is free to all, disposes of approximately 4,000 flags a year. Flags are gathered twice per year and disposed of on Flag Day, June 14th.

How does an organization partner with us to dispose of their flags?

Organizations wishing to have the Coalition assist with disposing of their flags only need to contact us and start the discussion. We will set up time for pick-up of the flags.  We pick the flags up in May and November.  This is of no cost to the organization

Important Dates

2023 Agenda

November/2022 – Pick up flags from local organizations

May/2022 – Pick up flags from local organizations

06/01/2023 – repackage flags in proper containers

06/14/2023 – Transport flags to Dow for proper disposal

2023 Goal

Our goal for 2023 is 26 drums (3900 flags).

Organizations Participating

The following organizations partner with us to dispose of their flags.

  • Ace Hardware, Midland
  • American Legion Post 18, Bay City
  • American Legion Post 165, Midland
  • American Legion Post 212, Chesaning
  • American Legion Post 229, Saginaw
  • American Legion Post 443, Sanford
  • American Legion Post 468, St Charles

Event Partners

American Legion Post 18

American Legion Post 165

American Legion Post 212

American Legion Post 229

American Legion Post 443

American Legion Post 468

Coalition Partners

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For more information

Please contact us with any questions or if you want to have us help with disposing of your nylon and synthetic flags

Brad Blanchard, Director

Great Lakes Bay Veterans Coalition



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