Fill the Trailer

The Great Lakes Bay Veterans Coalition is conducting our annual personal hygiene goods drive to support Veterans and their families in need.

The Basics

Donations are distributed through Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center in Saginaw, Michigan. The Staff at the VA passes out over 80 hygiene kits per month. This program is not funded through the VA budget and exists entirely on donations.

Our goal is to fill a trailer with enough materials to stock their donation pantry for the next year.

See the bottom of the page for descriptions of recommended items

How Can You Help

Option 1

You purchase the recommended items and coordinates with the Great Lakes Bay Veterans Coalition to arrange a pickup.

Option 2

You can donate the funds and we will go shopping for you. With either option, you are invited to help with packing and delivery.

Important Dates

2023 Agenda

10/01/2023 – Start collecting monetary donations

11/01/2023 – Start collecting material donations

12/01/2023 – Stop collecting material donations

12/08/2023 – Deliver donations to the VA Hospital in Saginaw

2023 Goal

In 2022, we collected just over 11,000 items.  Our goal for 2023 is 13,000 items.

Challenge Opportunity

Want to do a great thing and have some friendly competition?  Do you have an organization like yours?  Challenge them to collect more items. If you do this, we will work with you as part of the judging and can even come up with some fun recognition for the victor.

  • Business can challenge other businesses
  • Schools can challenge other schools
  • Service Organizations can challenge other service organizations.

Have some fun with this in addition to doing a great thing!!!

Items Needed

We purchase the bulk of our items from Dollar Tree. We get the best deal for our money with them.